Why should you upgrade your old PC or Mac instead of buying a new one?

In the past few years or so you might have noticed a “boom” of new, more affordable Windows or ChromeOS laptops, usually ranging between $300-$600.

While these might be an alright for someone as a cheap, temporary alternative to a more expensive laptop – it comes at a cost. Thanks to clever marketing, you’ll think you’re buying a semi decent product when you see a sticker that says “Intel inside’. What a lot of people don’t know, is that most of these are Intel Celeron or Atom processors – a budget line of weak processors, often on par with what you might find in a $150 smartphone. Thanks to the inexpensive cost to make these processors, they are found in affordable “budget” laptops.

While this might seem like a safe investment, a lot of people don’t realize that their old laptop collecting dust in the corner is often just as good, if not better. Adding more RAM or bigger and faster hard drives/ solid state drives is now cheaper than ever, and Vivid computers are happy to give you a free quote on upgrades for your existing machine. Because of their below average build quality and design, we often have customers inquiring about fixing and speeding up these “affordable” computers mentioned before. We can save you hundreds of dollars compared to buying a new machine with simple upgrades on your existing laptop! Not to mention the money you’ll save when your new “budget” laptop breaks.

Apple and Mac computers are a bit of a different story – they come at a higher price off the shelf and come with respectable internal specifications. Because of this, we nearly always recommend upgrading Apple computers instead of replacing them.

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