Vivid Computers Offers Remote Support During These Difficult Times

At Vivid Computers, we are keeping up to date with the current news and restrictions regarding the Coronavirus in Australia.

We are happy to announce that we can offer no-contact remote support for your home or business. With lots of people relying on their personal computers, printers and media devices at moment while stuck at home, we know it can be a challenge when it doesn’t work correctly. We offer remote support, both over the phone and with remote access of your computer or Mac, and can help you with any I.T. problem you may be having. Because we don’t have to send a technician to your house or business, and you don’t have to drop your computer to us, remote support is much safer for both you, the customer, and our staff/technicians.

Some of the services we can offer with remote support are:

  • Setting up online conference applications and software (for students and people working from home), such as Zoom and Skype
  • Setting up printers
  • Support with applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Suite
  • Remote computer tune ups and virus removal
  • Support and setup of Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive

We can also help with a large variety of other tasks, and if you do need to bring your personal computer or Apple computer into one of our stores, please be assured that we physically clean and wipe down all devices after they’ve been handled.

If you have any questions or need help with remote support, please contact us at either

  • 168 Portush Road, Trinity Gardens – 8117 0414
  • 569 Grange Road, Grange – 8121 3311