Printer Support and Troubleshooting

Printer Support

Have you bought a new printer that you need help setting up? Or do you need to buy a new printer? Vivid Computers offer onsite support for your home printer and computer, as well as sales of new printers! We know that printers can cause everyone a LOT of frustration, whether it be issues with your connection, new cartridges not working and other things such as paper jams. Vivid Computers can come to you to offer home support. We have experience fixing all types of technology issues and we are happy to help! We can even supply a new quality printer and provide set up for affordable prices. Don’t let your printer frustrations bother you any more! We deal with all big brands such as HP, Epson, Brother, Canon and much more. Contact us today for a new printer quote, or enquire about on site support.

Why should I upgrade to Windows 10?

Microsoft announced a while ago that they would be ending support for Windows 7 on the 14th of January 2020. What does this really mean if you’re still using Windows 7 on your laptop, home or business computer?

Put simply, Microsoft’s decision to stop providing updates for Windows 7 means that if any vulnerability is found by hackers, viruses and malware etc, Microsoft aren’t going to fix it. This is a pretty standard procedure, seeing as Windows 10 has now been out for almost 5 years, and Microsoft are still providing support for Windows 8 on top of that.

So does this mean your computer is vulnerable? Not necessarily, but if someone finds a backdoor through Windows 7 security, then there is a definitely a chance. Please note – this only applies to you if your computer is connected to the internet. Without a connection, there is no access to your computer without physically using it.

Windows 10 is the newest and safest version of Microsoft’s operating system yet, and is updated for security reasons, as well as quality of life improvements. The new settings panel is much simpler than you might remember Windows 7’s control panel being. Not to mention, Microsoft have added things like a voice assistant – Cortana – similar to Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, which can help you search for things on your computer or the web. Microsoft have also added a seamless built in product called OneDrive, similar to dropbox, which can let you save things to the internet and access them from another computer.

Vivid Computers can help with all your upgrading needs, and provide free quotes in store. We can also ensure you keep all your files from your older Windows computers, whether it’s Windows 7 or Windows XP.

Missing your last holiday or overseas trip? Here’s how to set up a wallpaper slideshow on your PC

You can easily change your wallpaper in Windows 10 to switch between all your favourite holiday memories! Here’s how:
1. Right click on your desktop and select Personalise
2. Click the box underneath Background and select Slideshow
3. Underneath where it says Choose your picture, click on Browse and select the folder that has all your precious holiday photos in it.
4. After you’ve selected the folder with all your photos, you can change the time it takes to switch between your favourite photos where it says ” Change photo every ….”
5. Enjoy!

HDD vs SSD: What’s the difference? Should I upgrade?

You might have heard of Hard Drives – the part of your computer where all your data, files and operating system are installed. Most computers before 2015 have a traditional hard drive, meaning it has some spinning discs inside where the data is stored, as well as a lot of other little fragile parts. These were the norm for a long time – in fact they were invented more than 50 years ago!

While they have served most of us well, they are fragile and slow – they are very limited compared to newer Solid State Drives (SSD’s). You might have a computer you purchased new around 5 – 10 years ago, and noticed that it became really slow as soon as you installed some of the programs you use, such as Spotify, Microsoft Office, Chrome and so on. Because your hard drive is having to load more data with these extra apps, it becomes a bottleneck in the otherwise fast computer. Most people don’t realize this, and often purchase a new computer for thousands when they just needed to upgrade to an SSD. Unlike traditional hard drives, SSD’s have no moving parts and are on average 5 – 20 times faster than hard drives.

Vivid Computers offer a variety of options when it comes to upgrading your computers storage, and our customers are always pleasantly surprised by the difference in performance after we upgrade them to an SSD. It’s much more affordable and often just as good as buying a new computer! We can even transfer your old files accross.

Contact us today to get a free quote on your next upgrade

Why should you upgrade your old PC or Mac instead of buying a new one?

In the past few years or so you might have noticed a “boom” of new, more affordable Windows or ChromeOS laptops, usually ranging between $300-$600.

While these might be an alright for someone as a cheap, temporary alternative to a more expensive laptop – it comes at a cost. Thanks to clever marketing, you’ll think you’re buying a semi decent product when you see a sticker that says “Intel inside’. What a lot of people don’t know, is that most of these are Intel Celeron or Atom processors – a budget line of weak processors, often on par with what you might find in a $150 smartphone. Thanks to the inexpensive cost to make these processors, they are found in affordable “budget” laptops.

While this might seem like a safe investment, a lot of people don’t realize that their old laptop collecting dust in the corner is often just as good, if not better. Adding more RAM or bigger and faster hard drives/ solid state drives is now cheaper than ever, and Vivid computers are happy to give you a free quote on upgrades for your existing machine. Because of their below average build quality and design, we often have customers inquiring about fixing and speeding up these “affordable” computers mentioned before. We can save you hundreds of dollars compared to buying a new machine with simple upgrades on your existing laptop! Not to mention the money you’ll save when your new “budget” laptop breaks.

Apple and Mac computers are a bit of a different story – they come at a higher price off the shelf and come with respectable internal specifications. Because of this, we nearly always recommend upgrading Apple computers instead of replacing them.

Come in to Vivid Computers at Grange or Trinity Gardens today!

Vivid Computers Grange and Trinity Gardens are now open on Saturday!

Due to a lot of demand and interest from customers, the team at Vivid Computers has decided to extend its trading hours.

We are now open Saturday mornings from 9am until 12pm.

Please note that because we are only open for a few hours on Saturday, that it is unlikely you’ll have your computer fixed or upgraded the same day. The service is intended to give customers a chance to drop off and collect their computers at a convenient time.

Our full trading hours for both stores at the moment are: 9 – 5 Monday to Friday and 9 – 12 Saturday.

We hope to see you soon!

Vivid Computers Offers Remote Support During These Difficult Times

At Vivid Computers, we are keeping up to date with the current news and restrictions regarding the Coronavirus in Australia.

We are happy to announce that we can offer no-contact remote support for your home or business. With lots of people relying on their personal computers, printers and media devices at moment while stuck at home, we know it can be a challenge when it doesn’t work correctly. We offer remote support, both over the phone and with remote access of your computer or Mac, and can help you with any I.T. problem you may be having. Because we don’t have to send a technician to your house or business, and you don’t have to drop your computer to us, remote support is much safer for both you, the customer, and our staff/technicians.

Some of the services we can offer with remote support are:

  • Setting up online conference applications and software (for students and people working from home), such as Zoom and Skype
  • Setting up printers
  • Support with applications such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Suite
  • Remote computer tune ups and virus removal
  • Support and setup of Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive

We can also help with a large variety of other tasks, and if you do need to bring your personal computer or Apple computer into one of our stores, please be assured that we physically clean and wipe down all devices after they’ve been handled.

If you have any questions or need help with remote support, please contact us at either

  • 168 Portush Road, Trinity Gardens – 8117 0414
  • 569 Grange Road, Grange – 8121 3311