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WE fix Mac and PC right here in Adelaide

Free Assessment and Quote

We offer a no obligation assessment and quote on your laptop, desktop, Macbook and iMac repair. We will diagnose and confirm your computer problem and give you a fixed price quote on the repair.

If you choose not to go ahead, then there is no cost to you.

Fast Repairs

We hear horror stories about computer places having clients PC’s for weeks. 90% of our repairs are completed in 24 hours or less.  Some repairs will take longer by their nature, so we offer FREE loan laptops (both mac and PC) for those situations.

In House Data Recovery

Vivid Computers has a fully equipped data recovery lab featuring over $25,000 worth of recovery hardware  and software tools. 90% of our recoveries can be done in house and within a few days at no extra cost to you.

Our technicians have also done extensive training above any beyond that of a normal IT repair center.

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Open 9 – 5 Monday – Friday.